Airtame Home Screen

Airtame is a device that lets people present wirelessly from any computer or device. The Airtame home screen is the first thing people see when they walk into a room with an Airtame connected screen.

I led the redesign of the Airtame home screen. I worked on this feature from its conception through to helping launch it in mid-2019.

Airtame home screen in action
Airtame home screen in action

Identifying the opportunity

The previous Airtame home screen was a sparse screen that contained instructions about how to connect to the screen as well as a background image that can be specified by an IT administrator. It was typically found in meeting rooms and classrooms and displaying all day while screens were not in use.

There was a feeling that this was a wasted opportunity. The current home screen did nothing to help the users of a room other than providing connection instructions.

This was supported by customer feedback asking for the home screen to be more customisable with specific requests for elements such as a clock. We also learned that the on-screen guidance was inadequate as many customers provided printed guides alongside the screen.

Scoping the project

Working closely with a Product Manager, I trawled through customer feedback and past research to map out the various types of users in numerous situations using Airtame. I used this to identify four goals for the new home screen:

Airtame home screen in action

An exploration of the thoughts and needs of a meeting organiser when running a meeting

Validating the concept

Given the vast variety of users that needed to be able to use Airtame, I carried out research whereby I invited the public into our office directly from the street by offering free drinks and refreshments. (Our office is located centrally in Copenhagen by the harbour, and it was a very hot Summer!)

While testing usability was important it was also important to ensure the design met the needs of our customer organisations. I validated the designs with the help of our sales team who shared early previews of the design in exchange for feedback.

Concept of Airtame home screen with a background image and 1/3 calendar
Concept of Airtame home screen with a small calendar widget and image pane
Concept of Airtame home screen with a large calendar widget

During this process I tested and iterated through many different designs

Build, release and validation:

I pushed for a gradual rollout of the new home screen. Many of Airtame's customers work in highly customised, locked-down environments and prefer to adopt features incrementally.

We initially released to a select group of close customers in exchange for feedback, then released the home screen as an optional feature, before finally making it the default Airtame experience. This approach allowed us to incorporate feedback on an ongoing basis throughout development.

Airtame customised for enterprise use

Airtame home screen is designed to be highly customisable and easily adapt to customer brands