How many hands do you need to use an iPhone X?

I just read an article at Fast Co.Design with the bold title “The iPhone X Is A User Experience Nightmare”. Okay, so the headline is perhaps a bit sensational but I agree with the spirit of the argument. I recently helped my Mum set up her new iPhone 7, and every gesture I tried to teach her elicited a “why is it this complicated?!” response.

The sheer number of gestures required to use the iPhone X is staggering. Surely the slither of extra screen real estate gained from removing the home button is not worth usability the trade-off?

There’s something inherently satisfying about tapping the home button whenever an app is misbehaving, or whenever you just want to quickly return to the home screen. I’ll reserve my judgement until I’ve actually spent a decent amount of time using the iPhone X, but I can’t help think that this is a case of stark minimalism trumping user experience.

Link - - the iPhone X is a user experience nightmare